Absinthe Drinkers

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The Absinthe Drinkers spawn catchy, original pop/funk/rock/whatever songs from works of literature ancient and modern. The Drinkers have funkified Baudelaire, punkified Shakespeare, and rockified a number of modern writers. The Drinkers also project original video during live shows, completing the facial orifice stimulating trifecta.
They're still working on smellivision.

Upcoming Shows

Bob & Barbara's - The Absinthe Drinkers Early late-Nitey Talky Show Presents: TOUCHED BY A ROBOT!
Tuesday, January 6
1509 South St., Philadelphia
Joining us to celebrate:

  • The electrifying Tesla Tease and unsane Beatrix Deranged burlesquing right into your heart-module.
    Comedy by Rachel Fogletto, funny funny funny! Will make you laugh so hard your diodes will hurt!
  • Musical guest Every Heard singing the songs that makes robots dance and cry and leak oil from their nethers!
  • Greg Christie will be stopping by with another hearwarming tale of drunken despair and debauch.
  • Anna Frangiosa of Cabaret Administration will be joining us to celebrate her birthday! Bring sexy presents!
  • And as always, Huge Hefnerbot 2000 will be projectifying all your favorite robot videos for your enjoyments!

See what it's about at 9pm.


Night Before EPJust Released!

September 25, 2014. Three-song EP now available on disc and iTunes.

Songs included: The Night Before; Two Bourbons; Girl in the Landscape
more details here

Art by Dark Ink by Kimberlee Traub!

Steampunk Here's a tune we knocked out for the CD “Steampunk: A Soundtrack for Blood In The Skies” Volume 2 — to coincide with G.D.Falksen's latest book “The Hellfire Chronicles — Blood In The Skies”! Listen to “Zeppelins.”







The Drinkers are interested in performing at literary festivals/events. (Of course, bars are ok too!) Please contact Max for more info.

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