Absinthe Drinkers

“Curiosities of the Future Gilded Age”

The Absinthe Drinkers have encoded their unique brand of steam-pop litpunk onto a convenient plastic-aluminum platter for your listening enjoyment. Some folks who are less prone to excess verbificationality refer to this object d'manufacture as the “CD.” Whatever you call this doohickey, you'll be sure to enjoy our new release.

Featuring a dozen or so unique and catchy bastardizations of the works from writers CAConrad, Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Pattiann Rogers and Nicholas Christopher as well as some deceased writers whose names might ring familiar in your ears!

Designed for use on luminous-biaural phonic victrola-brand devices. This recording has been proven effective as a supplementary aid to the treatment of suffragism, the sapphic doldrums, and womb-hysteria.


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Rustic Music 333 South 13th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 215–732–7805
South Street Sounds 1531 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19146
Repo Records 538 South St. Philadelphia PA 19147 215-627-3775

Digital Ferret 732 S. 4th St. Philadelphia. PA 19147 215–925–9259
Woodburners Artisan Shop 11 N. Market St. Hatfield, PA 19440 215-362–2443
AKA Music 27 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106 215-922-3855
The Book Trader 7-9 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106 215–925–0511

Produced by Impurity Records. All songs © 2009 The Absinthe Drinkers. Photography courtesy of R.A. Friedman