New Release!

September 25, 2014. Three-song EP now available on disc and iTunes.

The Night Before Lyrics, Stephen Marmel.
Two Bourbons Lyrics, Joe DiFrancesco, from Right Destination Wrong Road, 2001.
Girl in the Landscape Lyrics, Jonathan Lethem, from Promiscuous Materials project.

All music: The Absinthe Drinkers | Recorded and mixed by Hadi Sumoro | Produced by The Absinthe Drinkers | Organ on Two Bourbons, Hadi Sumoro | Vocal editing by Xian Yu | Mastered by Indra Qadarsih | Art by Dark Ink by Kimberlee Traub!

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  Kimberlee Traub
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Curiosities CD “Curiosities of the Future Gilded Age”

Designed for use on luminous-biaural phonic victrola-brand devices. This recording has been proven effective as a supplementary aid to the treatment of suffragism, the sapphic doldrums, and womb-hysteria.

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Hear excerpts from all tracks.

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The CD that started it all: Poems and Music Volume 1.
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